Michiana military wife gets special surprise

NOW: Michiana military wife gets special surprise

A Michiana military spouse got a surprise Friday.

Homes for Heroes gave the Sears matriarch a gift in honor of National Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

The basket of treats was given to Brittnay Sears, wife of Army and National Guard veteran Patrick Sears.

“I thought it was for Patrick,” Sears said at the Homes for Heroes headquarters.

Brittany was given a year of free lawn care, a zoo pass and hundreds of dollars in gift cards to local businesses.

“We just moved here from Arizona, so we don’t have really any friends or family. It was just very unexpected and sweet that they thought of us,” Brittnay said.

Brittnay, Patrick and their three boys have traveled a bumpy road, from deployment to Afghanistan to a tragic colon and liver cancer diagnosis that has since spread to Patrick’s lungs.

“She’s got to answer all the questions for the kids and be there for them when I’m not, so she’s done an awesome job,” Patrick said.

While Patrick appreciates his own military accolades, he couldn’t’ be happier to put his wife in the spotlight this time.

“If I have a long day, she drops off the kids, picks up the kids, makes dinner, cleans the house does all that kind of stuff so she doesn’t get recognized very often so that’s good,” Patrick said.

For Brittnay, it’s an unexpected and delightful welcome to the Michiana community.

“I don’t’ really ask for help. The fact that people just did it anyways is really, I’m so thankful,” Brittnay said.

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