Michiana mom concerned child contracted MRSA from local YMCA

One Michiana mom is looking for answers from a local YMCA after her 2 and a half-year-old daughter contracted MRSA.

Samantha Nagle says her daughter, Marlee, doesn’t attend public daycare so the only logical place she could have got the dangerous staph infection was the YMCA.

"Marlee was having trouble sitting down, saying that her leg hurt, so I looked at the back of her leg and it had a red circle that was hot,” said Nagle.

Marlee was rushed to the hospital where a doctor diagnosed her.

"We went in, and he kind of explained it looked like MRSA," said Nagle.

Marlee does not attend public daycare.

The only logical place Samantha could think of was their local YMCA on Edison Road in Mishawaka.

"It’s just ironic that we were there. That's her only setting and seeing it maybe from there and there was another case of it kind of worries me," said Nagle.

Dan Aslesen is the CEO of YMCA Michiana.

"We take the cleanliness of our facilities very seriously. We always have. We follow guidelines recommended by the CDC. One in 50 people has MRSA. With the volume of people we have, there's just no way to prevent it," said Aslesen.

Nagle just wants parents to know the signs if it happens to them

"I just want people to be extra cautious especially if you are taking your children. Things can really affect you," said Nagle.

Marlee did take antibiotics for 10 days and the infection is fully clear.

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