Michiana needs rain after dry summer

Labor Day weekend has passed and immediately abnormally cool temperatures and rain are greeting Michiana for the unofficial start of fall. The chilly temperatures may not be welcome, but the rain is actually good for Michiana after a dry summer. Let's do a quick summer recap.

The weather was overall, nice. June - August temperatures averaged out to be typical for Michiana. The average was only 1.2 degrees below normal. 

However, summer lacked 90 degree days. There were only three 90 degree days in June, and the rest of summer was in the 70s and 80s.

Luckily the summer months were not too hot, if they had been, the heat and lack of rain could have been a bad combo for Michiana farmers.

Each month had below normal rainfall, with July receiving the most rain, and August being the driest month. Overall, the summer rainfall average was 3.19 inches below normal. 

This means that the lake effect rain showers will be doing some good for Michiana farmers.


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