Michiana prepares for deep freeze, stores cash in

NOW: Michiana prepares for deep freeze, stores cash in

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Home improvement stores say they’re cashing in on the deep freeze heading toward Michiana. Managers say the necessities are flying off the shelves.

Hot ticket items include shovels, salt, snow blowers, generators, and heaters.

Mark Wilson, the general manger at the Menards on Main Street in Mishawaka, says this boom in business is pretty typical. He says people stock up anywhere from a week out up to the day of a bad storm.

Terry Wohlever, a South Bend resident, is one of those people in the middle. Two days before Wednesday’s record breaking cold temps Wohlever bought a tow strap and hitch so he can help people stuck on the roads. He also picked up some gloves and a shovel.

“Better safe than sorry,” said Wohlever. “It’s easier to prepare yourself than to get somebody else in danger because you’re not prepared.”

Michigan couple Louann and Andy Conklin stocked up on rock salt and some food so they can stay comfortable and inside over the next few days.

The couple says after a blizzard in the ‘70s, they’ve learned to take weather events like this seriously.

“We were actually snowed in,” said Louann Conklin. “They closed the roads for three days I think and my husband had to actually walk up to the neighbots and borrow furnace oil to keep our furnace going because you know, nobody could get out to us… We learned to prepare.”

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