Michiana reacts to President Biden's $100 vaccine incentive

NOW: Michiana reacts to President Biden’s $100 vaccine incentive


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- President Biden wants every state, to start paying folks to roll up their sleeves. That's merely a request from the President, but some places, like New York, are actually giving people 100 dollars, if they get the shot.

We wanted to know if offering straight-up cash, would sway any folks in Michiana, on the fence about getting the shot, but many say this new incentive won't change their minds if they haven't already.

“That’s not enough money because I feel like they just experimenting," said South Bend mom, Dana Lewis.

“I can get it whenever I want so I mean $100 ain’t enough," said South Bend student, Janiya Howard.

“It’s not like a big urge to get it now because I feel fine," said South Bend resident, James Curry.

Vaccine hesitancy is something officials at all levels, have been struggling with since the first roll out months ago.

Now as many states stagnate on vaccination rates and case numbers spike, due to the Delta variant President Biden is urging cities and states to give $100 to any newly vaccinated residents, but here in Michiana many say, even if that becomes a reality --- it’s not going to change their mind.

“I’m so serious I don’t want nothing to do with it. Like, if I’m meant to catch COVID I’ll catch it," said Lewis.

“Even if I get the vaccination like a few days or like a month later after getting the vaccination what if I catch COVID then I gotta take another shot and I don’t like shots like that," said Howard.

Those states and cities that choose to opt into the incentive program will draw the funds out of the American Rescue Plan money they were provided as aid earlier this year.

“It’s a good idea for him if that’s how he want to get that shot out there, but me no," said Lewis

There have been no official announcements on whether or not any cash incentives will be offered in Michiana at this time.

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