Michiana Republicans vote in favor of inquiry into President Biden

Four Michiana congressmen joined the House GOP representatives, Wednesday, in support of formalizing an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“We are very pleased with the vote today,” Comer, a Kentucky Republican, told reporters, according to CNN. “I think that sent a message loud and clear to the White House.”

In accordance with the 221-212 vote, the resolution approved three house committees to continue investigations, but according to ABC News, hard evidence has not been shown to support Republican claims of President Biden's involvement with his son's business dealings. 

Michigan Congressmen Bill Huizenga (MI-4) and Tim Walberg (MI-05), along with Indiana representatives Jim Banks (IN-3) and Rudy Yakym (IN-02) were among those who voted in favor of the investigation, H. Res 9-18.

Representative Banks backed his vote in a press release stating that he knows that President Biden has lied to the American people and alleging to over $250,000 in a wire from China to President Biden's home in Delaware for Hunter Biden. 

Rep. Banks writes, "Once again, the Biden family thinks they are above the law."

Banks supports House Republicans in following the money trail from Russia and China directly back to the Biden family. 

In similar sentiments, Congressman Yakym took to X to issue a formal statement. 

Rep. Yakym says he fights for the right for Hoosiers to have accountability and transparency, wanting Congress to get to the bottom of the corruption. 

The GOP led investigation will continue into 2024 and extend to the 2024 presidential election campaign.

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