Michiana rings in 2013!

It has been a busy night for bars across Michiana. Overnight the New Year kicked off and we were there for all the action.

The party started before the New Year's Ball dropped and continued well into the early morning.

It was quite the scene at Mulligans Bar and Grill as people welcomed in the new year.

"It's amazing. You know you come out here to have your friends and have a good time everyone's happy," said Lorian Thompson.

Everyone seemed to indulge in the festivities, and there were no problems for those who needed a ride home. The owner provided taxi's to people who needed them on New Years for Free.

"If anyone comes to Mulligans tonight. Were pretty responsible and we make sure our customers get home safe and we will pay for a cab for them," said Patrick Mulligan.

All night drinks were pouring, people dancing, and store owners reaping the rewards of everyone having a good time.

"Actually it's even fantastic. I think a lot of it helps with the University of Notre Dame football team getting ready to go away," said Mulligan.

With Notre Dame's National Championship game coming up, people at Mulligans say 2013 will be the year of the Irish!

"Its been a blast getting ready for the championship game. Go Irish!" said Dan Daugherty.

"God bless the University of Notre Dame and were going to bring in the new year with a national championship. So Mulligan says go Irish!" said Mulligan.

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