Michiana soldiers returning home after year long deployment

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — More than 100 soldiers from Michiana will return after spending almost a year in Guantanamo Bay.

For 60 percent of this group, it was their first deployment overseas.

Before heading out, soldiers trained for about nine months. Then they went to Texas before getting the approval to travel to Guantanamo Bay.
"I'm just so excited I just can't wait to see him and hug him and just have him home," said Ann Chastain.

It has been 334 days since Norman and Ann Chastain saw their son Anthony.

"It's been a long stretch. I'm the dad so I don't have the same enthusiasm as the mother does but I'm happy that he's out," said Norman.

Anthony is one of the 130 Army reservists in the 428th Military Police Company-returning Wednesday from Guantanamo Bay.

"There's worse deployments but this wasn't a pleasant one so we're happy for him to be out of there and back in America," said Norman.

Anthony and his company were greeted by an emotional group of family and friends ecstatic to see their loved one safe at home.

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