Michiana storms cause buckled roads, quarter sized hail, and flying sheds

Storm damage was reported throughout Michiana Thursday night.

Tirotta was driving South on M51 in Niles when he was caught in the storm.

“It was really fast not even a minute,” Perry Tirotta. “In an instant it went a little bit of hail and heavy rain you could hardly see through the rain.”

Not only did Tirotta face an intense storm but he also came across an unusual close call. 

“Two or three of these sheds just kind of fly, what looked like might have been five or 10 feet right in front of me. But they just flew straight across the road,” says Tirotta. 

The sheds flew across M51 from the Lowe's parking lot straight to Honor Credit Union.

“Little bit scary,” says Tirotta. 

Those driving home on the toll road Thursday evening may have come across another scary incident. Around 5 p.m. a semi was knocked on its side by blowing gusts at mile marker 77.

Miles away in Mishawaka, drivers on Bremen Highway came across the road buckling due to heavy rains. In seconds storm conditions diminished but Mother Nature left a lasting impression in various areas.

“You still had rain after that but the wind just died down really fast and yep all pretty quick,” says Tirotta. 
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