Michiana Uber driver trusts company after information breach

NOW: Michiana Uber driver trusts company after information breach

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year and those who ride or drive with Uber, last year, could have had their names, emails and driver’s license numbers hacked.

57 million Uber drivers and users were hacked and the company covered-up the breach by paying the hackers to ensure that information would not be used.

Michiana native and Uber driver Robert Laidig says he’s trusting Uber will keep up with what he says is a great reputation.

“Whenever you work for someone or you affiliate with someone you want to have trust in them,” says Laidig. “Other than this, hopefully little blip, Uber has worked out fine.”

Laidig says since the Uber hack news came to light, he hasn’t received anything from the company.

“The only thing in my control is to give the best rides I possibly can to my riders.”

On Tuesday Uber detailed in a press release in October 2016 names and driver’s license numbers of 600,000 of its drivers and personal information of 57 million users was hacked.

“This is not unusual, the hacking going on all over which is a shame,” says Laidig.

Uber then decided to take the incident into their own hands, by paying the two hackers $100,000 to secure the data.

“On the other hand, this happened about a year ago, and we’re just finding out about it now, so it just makes you wonder.”

Since Laidig started he's accepted more than 500 rides and now he says this hack isn’t going to affect his business.

“I think in a way its life these days and people still need to be transported from one place to another,” he says. “I wanted to be with a trustworthy and honorable company. I was and still am satisfied that this is the case.”

Uber’s CEO says the next step is a thorough investigation of what happened and the company will be notifying the driver’s affected.

As of right now they have no reason to believe that information was misused.

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