Michiana's LGBT community speak out against Governor Pence's pro-life abortion bill

It’s an image problem for the Hoosier state that just won’t go away.

Indiana is under fire again for laws many say are biased against women and the LGBT community.

“A lot of people have been very frustrated with mike pence lately especially with his LGBTQ opinions as well as the abortion issue,” said Eli Williams, executive director of GLBT Center of Michiana.

Here in Michiana, the GLBT Center hopes this suit can lead to a definitive ruling that would finally be favorable to the state’s the gay community.

“What we’re seeing time and time again is that gay marriage has not led to full equality for LGBT people,” said Williams.

Williams says the proof to that statement can be found in the capital where eight lesbian couples are fighting in federal court for parental rights.

“I’m a lesbian and what this birth certificate bill says is that I am not a fit parent and i am not the true mother if I were to have a child,” she said.

The state’s problem with the LGBT community comes on the heels of a lawsuit from two prominent women’s advocate organizations on behalf of Hoosier women.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sued the state Thursday for a restrictive abortion bill the governor signed into law.

The backlash started a growing online movement known as Periods for Pence.

Several women in the Facebook group called the statehouse to tell the governor about their menstrual cycles.

The governor says he gets the message but is unchanging in his beliefs.

“I respect the feeling of every Hoosier on this issue but I’m pro life and I stand behind my decision to sign this legislation,” said Governor Pence.

For now, these laws and the governor’s opinions will continue to worry women and the LGBT community.

“We are seeing that legislation in Indiana is incredibly patriarchal and homophobic and here at the GLBT Resource Center we’re trying to fight that and be advocates for people,” said Williams.

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