Michiana's Menu: Take a step into Germany at Weiss' Gasthaus

Michiana’s Menu: Take a step into Germany at Weiss’ Gasthaus

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Welcome to Weiss’ Gasthaus. South Bend’s one and only German style restaurant!  

 “One of my favorites is when I hear someone say I close my eyes, and I am back in Germany that means I got it right, it is great to hear that,” says Kenneth Weiss, chef and owner of Weiss’ Gasthaus.

And the restaurant really does transport you straight to Germany. The menu offers a large variety of authentic German dishes from house made pretzels, Bavarian bratwurst, German poutine, sauerkraut, brisket, fresh ground burgers and more! Each dish prepared with detail, love, and an important beverage on the side.

Alongside a full stomach, customers will not leave the Gasthaus thirst with 4 German beers and some local beers on tap.

However, the story of Gasthaus goes beyond beers, pretzels, and meats.

“Everything I had was in storage, I had nothing to lose, very little in the bank, and that is what I told her,” says Chef Kenny. “It is like I have everything to do this restaurant I have nothing to lose, and we went into the adventure together”

10 years ago, chef Kenny’s mother called him with a new endeavor for the two. Chef Kenny is a first generation here in America, and his mother moved directly from Germany. Growing up, he learned recipes and dishes from her. For the dynamic duo, a German restaurant seemed like the perfect way to incorporate their heritage and food into one.

But after almost a decade in the restaurant business, in 2020, chef Kenny intended to shut down the German establishment once and for all. Then, his life was turned upside down. He lost his mother right as the pandemic first began. With all of the unknowns, uncertainties, and losses, he decided to stay behind the kitchen and begin a new chapter.

“It is the strangest thing, I might have spent a lifetime fighting the stream and doing my own thing, but sometimes you have to go with the flow with how life is and that is truly what I did.”

Chef Kenny’s mother’s legacy still lives on in his cooking. Her teachings are clear in the details of every dish. Something which his wife says first made her believe in his dreams!

“I just saw his passion for cooking and his love for getting up every morning and wanting to go to the restaurant and get in the kitchen its very rare you see someone that excited and passionate about cooking and their skill set, and he really puts love into every dish he makes,” says LeAnn Weiss.  

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