Michigan City investing in lighthouse renovations

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Michigan City is spending $160,000 to restore and renovate the lighthouse on Lake Michigan. Residents say they are glad the city is investing in the landmark.

"We all come here for this, so why wouldn't they put their investment into this?" said Melissa Shey, a Michigan City visitor.

The lighthouse is an icon that residents say makes Michigan City stand out.


"We have friends that sail up from Chicago and one of the highlights is coming into Michigan City because of the lighthouse, which New Buffalo doesn't have and people are drawn to the Michigan City lighthouse, just for the lighthouse in fact," said Jennifer Schnefke, a part time Michigan City resident.


Residents say they don't want to lose the lighthouse.

"It would be devastating to Michigan City. The lighthouse is iconic to Michigan City. Everyone that comes to Michigan City takes a walk to the lighthouse. I can't imagine the amount of tourism money they would lose," said Schnefke.


To save tourism, the city is putting $160,000 into the lighthouse to restore it to its former glory.

"It is an investment," said Judy Hall, a Michigan City resident.

"With having the riverboat here we get money from that is given to the town. I can't imagine anybody not wanting to fix it to see it fall in disrepair would be absolutely horrible," said Helen Moerschbaecher of Michigan City.


Tourism has kept the city vibrant.

"We need it. It needs us we need it," said Moerschbaecher

The director of the LaPorte County Visitors Bureau says the city has also allocated $15,000 a year for the maintenance of the lighthouse.


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