Michigan family clears snow, warms hearts of elderly

NOW: Michigan family clears snow, warms hearts of elderly


THREE OAKS, Mich. --- A Michigan family is helping out the elderly by clearing snow from their walkways,  for no cost at all.

Jason, Jayla, and Abbie Bryan spent their entire weekend helping out more than 45 families in Three Oaks. Jason Bryan said they do it because it’s the right thing to do.

On Friday, the family wrote this post on Facebook:

That post has since been shared more than 1,000 times.

“Notifications from all over the country from people who have parents who live here,” Bryan said.

He said they shovel by hand and plow the snow with their truck. But he and his family’s favorite part is checking on the families inside of the homes their helping.

“It’s nothing like the smiles, the hugs, the jelly, the honey,” he said. “It’s been a joy to help these people and I could do this full time I really could.”

Some of the families have tried to pay them for their services. Bryan said to donate that money to the American Cancer Society and the St. Jude’s Children Fund.

If you or a family member needs assistance from the Bryant family click here to get in contact with them.

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