Michigan soldier pawns Purple Heart for holidays, strangers want to help

HOLLAND, Mich. -- A Michigan soldier was forced to pawn his Purple Heart for holiday cash. Now, total strangers want to help!

Check it out! Among the rings and watches at the "A-Z Outlet" in Holland, you'll find a Purple Heart. The medal is awarded to soldiers wounded in battle.

This one was earned last year in Afghanistan.

A soldier, home on leave, needed money. So he reluctantly handed over his medal.

When news spread, many veterans offered to lend a hand! "It means the ultimate sacrifice for your country,” said Garrett Vanderduim, a Vietnam veteran.

"A purple heart is a treasured thing among service guys."

“Have people that have walked in that have asked me ‘Hey, how much did you pay for it, I`ll pay for it so he can get it back.’”

The medal is not for sale.

The pawn shop owner says he'll keep it safe until the soldier returns.

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