Mishawaka approves major downtown redevelopment project

Major changes are coming to Mishawaka's Beutter Park next year.

Monday, the city's Redevelopment Commission approved an agreement that would bring about $50 million in investment to that area.

A move the city says will make downtown a livable location.

Dozens of new buildings will go up in vacant parcels near this popular park but the biggest project will be a 70-room four star conference center and hotel.

It's all about creating a more exciting downtown area.

Developer Barak Group's latest multi-million dollar project in Mishawaka will see these empty properties replaced with tall towers.

The four phase project will see this area turned into four condominiums with some units open for office and retail space.

The Riverwalk area will be the new location for a conference center and hotel.

“We're going to develop a very nice apartment complex with some amenities which definitely will give a nice solution for young professionals to come to town,” said Nir Davison, President of Barak Group.

All new ideas with the hope to attract new residents.

“What it does do is add a different type of housing unit to the market that we think would be desirable,” said City Planner Ken Prince.

Desirable to longtime residents as well.

Mayor Dave Wood says the city wants to attract “Empty Nesters” to move closer downtown.

They think adding more things to do could make this area a livable location.

"Having people who live downtown will then walk over to a local shop or walk downtown to their office building for work. Those are critical components of our vision," said Wood.

The first phase of this project is set to start construction as soon as next summer.
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