Mishawaka auto dealer cited for odometer fraud

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- When you buy a car, you want what you paid for, a solid brand at the right price; it's what wows customers.

But for one Michiana auto dealer, the only thing police said he's selling, is lies.

"People are in danger, and people are getting ripped off," Eric Tamashasky, an officer with the St. Joseph County Police, said. "Money is tough to come by nowadays."

Police arrested Adam Scott after they said he changed several car odometers at Scott's Auto Sales in Mishawaka.

Right now, they're investigating the lot, trying to find more information.

"The difficulty with odometer fraud is simply, people are getting what they think they're buying," Tamashasky said. "If you go look at a used car, and the used car says that it has 80,000 miles on it, that's completely different than a car that has 280,000 miles on it."

According to police, odometer tampering is rare, because a number of agencies have started keeping better track of track vehicle information, so most auto specialists know better.

So, those trying to make easy money now, will eventually face hard time later.

"That's why we're out here tonight, putting together a search warrant to further the investigation, because this is important, and this does matter."


If you've purchased a vehicle from Scott's Auto Sales in the last few months, law enforcement would like to hear from you. You can call the St. Joseph County Police Department at 574-217-5150.

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