Mishawaka keeping close eye on political signs

One local city is keeping a close eye on political signs to make sure they are legally placed.

Drive around Mishawaka this time of year and you'll see hundreds of political signs.

Some of those signs are even made locally.

"The GOP in South Bend has been out of Romney/Ryan signs for quite a while,” said Marlene Isza of Next Day Signs. “They've been sending people who call into the GOP to us to have signs made."

Isza uses her sign business to openly support Romney leading up to the campaign.

But you can only put up signs 30 days prior to the election.

Isza has had trouble with people stealing her signs.

"I've replaced those signs I don't know how many times and finally I put up one out there that's a little larger than the other ones and it says 'Democrats please stop stealing my signs,’” said Isza.

We found out a lot of the missing signs reside in the planning office at Mishawaka City Hall.

"We do on occasion have to go pull some signs-rogue signs I would call it,-that get pushed in appropriate places. But usually both parties are pretty good about getting them in the right spot,” said city planner Ken Price.

Are all signs must be placed on private property and not in the right-of-way.

That means the area between the curb and sidewalk.

They also can't be placed within a 10 foot radius of the intersection.

"You have to keep them out of the right of way, out of roads, out of people's way essentially for a clear vision area,” said Price.

Keep those signs up for the next two weeks.

But if yours is confiscated, the culprit isn't necessarily someone who doesn't like your political beliefs - you may have broken the rules.

Once election season is over, the sign ordinance still applies to business signs.

Signs on trees, signs on utility poles, flashing signs, signs on fences, signs that blow in the wind, roof signs – they are all illegal and the person whose sign it is could face fines.

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