Mishawaka neighborhood lights up for the holidays, charity

Michiana drivers are braving the bitter cold to get a glance at a festival of warm Christmas lights.

Winding Brook in Mishawaka is winding down the holiday season by opening up its neighborhood to the community for a good cause.

“It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your family just driving around in a warm car,” said neighbor Jennifer Deane. “There are spiritual ones and there are funny ones, just something for everybody.”

That little something for Deane’s family is a lot of lights and a little creativity.

“Every year we like to have a spiritual theme,” she said. “We made a nativity scene and we built the background of it.”

Many neighbors in this community are as excited to show off their string lights, of course for the holiday season, but also the holiday spirit of sharing.

“People know one another and they share and it’s back and forth,” said Deane.

They’re sharing the joy of Christmas with each other and folks who could use it.

“We’re out here collecting money to go to the charities,” said volunteer KrcMaric.

Drivers can donate money to several charities including the Center for the Homeless and the Children’s Dispensary.

“The people when they leave just voluntarily give a contribution if they choose to, we give them a candy cane, wish them a merry Christmas and it’s really wonderful,” said KrcMaric.

The neighborhood light show will run until Christmas Day.

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