Students ask the community to donate school supplies for Harvey victims

NOW: Students ask the community to donate school supplies for Harvey victims



After two weeks of collecting school supplies to send to Hurricane Harvey victims, Mishawaka students are asking for the community to help “pack the truck” Friday during Mishawaka High School’s homecoming game.

Two teachers from Hums Elementary School first came up with the idea collect school supplies for students affected by Harvey. It turned into a district-wide donation drive.

All the supplies raised will be loaded into a truck from Feed the Hungry at Hums Elementary Friday afternoon. That truck will then park outside the stadium during the homecoming game at Mishawaka High School.

Donations will all go to Holbrook Elementary school in Houston. Charlene McKay, a teacher at Battell Elementary School, formerly worked at Holbrook, and has kept in contact with her colleagues there.

Yvette Garcia, principal of Holbrook Elementary, says although the school building was not damaged by the hurricane, the school has still felt an effect.

“Due to the devastation around our area, we received several displaced students. So the school supplies are going to help immensely with that,” said Garcia.

But she says the supplies will help more than just her students.

“I think it’s going to help the parents as well,” said Garcia. “Because that’s going to give them a little relief, so they won’t have to worry about ‘How am I going to pay for these school supplies?’ when they’re trying to find a place to live and replenish their household items.”

Students from Mishawaka Schools have been in contact with students at Holbrook through technology called Flip Grid. This allows the classrooms to exchange videos.

“What’s really cool is our students have formed such a bond already with Holbrook Elementary,” said Mishawaka School Chief Communication Officer Meg Sauer.

She says now it’s the community’s turn to come together and help pack the truck at the game.

“We’re really asking everybody to come out. Bring pencils, notebooks, erasers, crayons. Anything like that would be so appreciated,” said Sauer.

Garcia says she can’t express her appreciation enough.

“It brings goose bumps to me,” she said. “It’s wonderful to hear that throughout the country people are worried about us.”

The homecoming game starts at 7 p.m. Friday. Doors open at 6 p.m. Students from Battell and Hums Elementary will be accepting all donations.

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