Mishawka officer injured assisting distraught man

Mishawaka Police were called to the Bubb Funeral home Wednesday night to assist with a man who was allegedly trying to stab himself.

The man, identified as 59-year-old David Szczypski, had been to the funeral home for services for South Bend Police Lieutenant Jeoff Forisz earlier.

He was allegedly intoxicated and an SBPD officer gave him a ride home.

He then allegedly drove back to the funeral home and wanted to go back inside.

He sat in the driver's seat of his car with a knife to his neck, according to officers.

While officers on the driver's side of the car distracted Szczypski, officers on the passenger side used a taser on him.

They tased him again when he tried to stab himself in the neck.

Szczypski was cuffed and transported to Memorial Hospital.

After the scuffle, Captain Weber of the Mishawaka Police Department noticed he had a large cut on his right hand.

Weber was taken to the hospital and was treated and released.
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