Model airplanes showcased in Goshen

NOW: Model airplanes showcased in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. - Over 100 craftsmen gathered at the Goshen Municipal Airport to fly their authentic replicas of full size airplanes, modeled after classic and military aircraft ranging from World War I, to the 1960s. People gathered to see model airplanes fly in the exact way the original aircraft did.

The craftsmen say that they have a love and a passion for aviation. Brian Omeara has been flying radio controlled airplanes for 51 years.

Omera and his wife made the trip all the way from Denver, Colorado.

“The actual flying of an airplane is seven to ten minutes, so we drove 28 hours to fly our airplane four times for seven minutes,” he says.

Omera says all of his planes are replicas of a full size airplane that existed at one time.

“The airplane behind me is the largest airplane of its kind in the world. Over 1 million people have seen this airplane fly,” Omera demonstrated.

The replica he is referring to has nose art of a pinup that appeared on the plane from 1943. And that woman, she’s still alive today at 95 years old.

Vietnam veteran Terry White announced the airshow. He says flying these aircraft can tell the stories of what some veterans went through. White says that these airshows bring back his war memories, like the when he first arrived to Vietnam.

“As I was coming over the fence, we were landing. I heard a wap wap wap. I didn’t’ know exactly what it was. But when I got out of the airplane there were all of these bullet holes – it was my welcome to Vietnam.” White explained.

Not all craftsmen are veterans, but there is one thing that remains the same for every pilot.

“I love it. There’s not much else that I’d rather do,” said White.

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