Swim risk today; red flags now up

NOW: Swim risk today; red flags now up

Red flags today means stay out of the water. Dangerous surf and/or rip currents are expected.

Today might be a nice and cool summer day, but going to the beach won't be the best idea. Earlier this morning, yellow flags were up at the beaches in Berrien and La Porte counties, and now red flags are flying for the rest of the day. Red flags indicate a high swimming risk. When these flags fly, you are advised to stay out of the water as high surf and dangerous rip currents can be life-threatening. Yellow flags mean that swimming and wading are allowed, but you should exercise caution as dangerous swimming conditions are possible. When green flags are posted, swimming and wading are also allowed but you should be aware of changing conditions.

Rip currents are narrow streams of moving water and sand moving swiftly away from shore, and can be seen from land as a noticeable break in the incoming, crashing waves. It is important, if you are ever caught in one of these rip currents, to stay calm and swim parallel to the shoreline to escape. Eventually, you will swim out of the rip current and you can swim back to shore afterwards. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are much better beach days!

By tomorrow and Wednesday, green flags will fly once again at the beaches in Berrien and La Porte counties as highs continue to hold in the low to mid 80s with partly to mostly sunny skies. However, by Thursday and Friday, more hazardous beach weather could return as our next storm system moves into Michiana.

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