Mom ensures kids safety at bus stop

NOW: Mom ensures kids safety at bus stop


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- A South Bend mom is fed up with speeding drivers flying by by her daughter's bus stop. 

She's putting her boots to the ground to let all those drivers know she'll do anything it takes to keep kids safe. 

During the day, Heather Liptrap does her typical stay-at-home mom duties, but when the clock strikes three, you can find her on Cleveland road in South Bend with her handmade school zone sign raised high. 

“Enough is enough. I did what I thought was right. After so many times of seeing people speeding by, I just got frustrated. The first time I got out there with my sign, I’m not sure if people saw what my sign said but it made me felt like I was doing something," said Liptrap.

Since then, she's called the police to monitor the area at least 13 times. 

“Sometimes, unfortunately it takes for those red white and blue lights to be flashing in the school zone zone to get them to slow down," said Liptrap.

According to the St. Joseph County Police Department, since Liptrap started holding up that sign in November of 2018, there have been 73 traffic stops. That is 10 fewer stops that the same time last year.

Although it's not clear whether her sign has a direct impact on that reduced number of drivers pulled over, she say's the work's not done. 

“There are some people who may be angry with me because they got a citation they were pulled over, inconvenienced, when they were speeding on their way to somewhere they think is more important than my childs safety. Perhaps they’ll spread the word and say gosh, I got a ticket speeding down Cleveland raod, don’t do the same thing I did," said Liptrap. 

Liptrap says she's going to continue to brave any weather conditions until this message is spread throughout Michiana.

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