Mom speaks out against SRO for allegedly using too much force on son

NOW: Mom speaks out against SRO for allegedly using too much force on son

ROCHESTER, Ind. --- One Rochester mom is speaking out against a school resource officer for allegedly using too much force on her son.

The incident which was caught on body cam footage — shows the SRO grabbing the 17-year-old by the neck as the teen continually kicks him. 

A Rochester high schools SRO calls for help moments before finding 17-year-old Benjamin Giselbach — seen on body cam footage — after the teen walked out of class.

The officer tries restraining him, but Benjamin's mother – Amanda Felda -- says it went too far.

“He has autism. He does have meltdowns. The school knows that he has these meltdowns. They are trained to de-escalate the situation and it was not de-escalated whatsoever," said Felda.

She says Benjamin's autism, which he’s had since childhood, often leads to outbursts.

Amanda doesn’t excuse it, but says there’s a right way to handle students like her son.

“It’s frustrating to see when your son is being choked and attacked by a school resource officer because they’re supposed to protect our children. And, if they’re not protecting our children than who can you trust," said Felda.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s office says the officer acted well within the department’s use of force policy.

Amanda is looking for a lawyer to represent her son, saying – if this is the policy – she doesn’t agree with it.

“That SRO definitely needs to be removed. And something, he needs to be reprimanded. Something needs done. Justice needs done," said Felda.

In a letter to this student’s family, obtained by ABC57, the Fulton County Sheriff’s office said it will not take any further action on their complaint.

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