More details revealed in Martin's closure

NOW: More details revealed in Martin’s closure

SOUTH BEND, Ind.  -- The president and CEO of Martin's Supermarkets revealed more details about why the company made the decision to close the location Elwood Street.

He says the store used to be the company's most profitable but it hasn't performed well in recent years.

The company made the decision to close it and renovate it into something more profitable and useful to the community.

“It's going to be smaller. Re-purposed store, less polish until we find the answers that really do work and fit and it's going to be a back to our roots. It's going to be a simple format. It’s going to have a lot of flexibility in store management and what our team is allowed to do,” said Rob Bartels, President and CEO of Martin’s.

The current store is scheduled to close by September at the same time as the Portage Avenue Bridge closure.

All employees will have the opportunity to apply for a job at a different location.

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