More falling leaves may cause problems

NOW: More falling leaves may cause problems


It's not too big of a problem right now, but as we move through the month, more leaves will naturally be falling on the ground. That's means more raking and yard work, but may actually be hazardous in some certain situations. Believe it or not, leaves can be pretty slick after a good rain shower. Luckily, there's not a lot of leaves on the ground but after the next couple of rounds of rain, there could be a bigger problem. So, take it easy on roads with a lot of leaves, because they may be slicker than you might think. In high speed situations, it may be easy to slide or lose control around a tight turn.

Some bigger leaves have a naturally waxy surface, are smooth to the touch. When they're wet, it creates a slick surface on both sides. Even when walking on a wet sidewalk with a lot of leaves, you may notice more slipping and sliding!

Again, this isn't much of a problem now as a lot of the leaves are still on the trees and most of them are still green. But, a few more leaves will be slowly changing over and falling. If you're itching for beautiful fall landscapes, you'll want to head up north over the next couple of weekends for a getaway. Peak fall colors are already ongoing in the upper peninsula of Michigan and the northern tip of the mitten state, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

So, for us in Michiana, we're obviously off to a late start with only a couple trees here and there showing true fall colors. And it looks like the recent trend of later and later peak colors is coming true for this year as well. We're still aiming for a peak in Michiana around Halloween, just like the recent trend, but that may easily spill over into early November or even later in some areas farther to the south.

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