More than 40 slide-offs on Toll Road in La Porte County

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- With snow still coming down across Michiana, there are slide-offs and accidents everywhere.  The Toll Road is particularly bad in La Porte County.

"iI's not worth your life to be out in this weather," said truck driver John Chubb.

Chubb says with snow accumulating on the Toll Road, cars, trucks and semis need to get off the road now, especially in La Porte County where police say there have already been over forty slide-offs.

"I also saw two police cars pulling a semi truck off the side of the road," said John Chubb.

"I saw a few cars off the road down into the embankments, on medians and on shoulders," said Ron Blackmer.

Blackmer says the biggest issue right now is the high volume of impatient drivers on the toll road.

"You got a plow in the left lane, everybody wants to pass them on the right. You got a plow in the right everyone wants to pass them in the right. Just let them do their job," said Blackmer.

Chubb says the majority of truck drivers he has seen are being smart and getting off the road.  He says it was hard for him to find an overnight parking spot with all this snow.

But Chubb has a message for those couple of dare-devil delivery drivers that try to brave the snow and slick roads and continue to drive on the toll road.

"The load is not worth your life," said Chubb.

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