More Western Avenue streetscape changes to start around Memorial Day

NOW: More Western Avenue streetscape changes to start around Memorial Day


Closures and construction are coming back to Western Avenue.

Streetscape improvements are in the near future for the three block stretch from Bendix to Olive.

The changes are an expansion of the style from Olive to Dundee, with new pavement, sidewalks parking and lighting.

A contract agreement was reached between South Bend and Selge Construction Company Tuesday for the $2.7 million project.

La Rosita Ice Cream Parlor is on the renovated section of Western, between Olive and Dundee.

Manager Juan Cevera credits the street improvements with helping business over the last year.

“People are definitely liking the on street parking. It’s definitely utilized quite a bit, and it’s definitely brought in many different other communities from other sides of town,” Cevera said.

Cevera says business was slow during the construction period, but it was worth the wait to gain a whole new customer base.

“Believe it or not, when it first started it was very, very slow, and it’s definitely paid off,” Cevera said.

He hopes it’ll pay off for neighboring business on Western too.

Another ice cream parlor down the street, Los Tres Mangos de Michoacan, sits in the section of Western from Bendix to Olive.

It is similar to La Rosita on the outside, but anxiously awaiting improvements on the inside.

Owner Jalio Gallugos is counting down the days until construction.

“It’s going to be good. It’s going to look good. I've seen the plans already and it’s going to look real nice,” Gallugos said.

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