Mother demands justice for murder of Christina Woods

ST JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The mom of Christina Woods looks to the community to help find her accused killer.  

Christina Woods’ body was found in Minnesota on July 2nd after being missing since June. The man police say could have killed her is Daniel Gregory Lynn. Investigators believe he could be in the area.

Christina’s Mother Mary Robinson says that she will not stop until there is justice. “I will see justice for my daughter. This is loud and clear. This is one determined mom that is not going to give up,” Robinson insisted.

Christina was a loving mom to three daughters and one autistic son. Christina’s mom says that Christina devoted her life to her children. “Her eyes would just light up for all of her kids,” she said.

Robinson wants Christina to be remembered for her heart, beauty, and love for her children. She wants something positive to come out of he tragedy. Robinson has dreams of a memorial in Christina’s honor and possible contributions to organizations for autism awareness and domestic violence awareness.

Mary Robinson explained that she doesn’t want members of the community to become vigilantes or interfere with detective’s work. Instead, she wants a solid case for Christina to have justice. “I want you guys to be accurate on the sightings. It is very important that we are not shifting the detectives or the police in any other directions other than a real sighting of him,” she said.

If you would like to help out Christina’s family, there is a donation fund set up for the four Woods children at Community Wide Federal Credit Union.

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