Mother of victim killed in quadruple shooting speaks on son's birthday

NOW: Mother of victim killed in quadruple shooting speaks on son’s birthday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The mother of Da'Mon Bethel spoke exclusively with ABC 57's Jess Arnold for the first time since he was shot to death in South Bend's quadruple shooting. He would have turned 30 on Tuesday, January 30.

Just this past Friday, the St. Joseph County Prosecutor charged Jermon Gavin with murder, making him the sixth person to be charged in connection to this case.

For Da'Mon's family, however, Tuesday was about celebrating his life.

In a small corner of Marsha Duckworth's living room sit snapshots of a young life taken far too soon.

“My heart is heavy...It’s always going to be heavy, I don’t care if it’s 10 years from now. This day is probably going to be hard," she said.

It's her son, Da'Mon Bethel's 30th birthday.

He was one of four people shot on Fredrickson Street in South Bend back in August.

He and another young father lost their lives.

“It was hard, but in a way when I heard the story, I kind of figured when I kept calling his phone, I didn’t get an answer," said Marsha.

“When she came in and told me, you know how it happens, you just kind of lose it...Even though we lost Da’Mon, God gave us something back in return," said Brenda Ivory, Da'Mon's grandmother.

Da'Mon's son was born the very next day.

Born out of tragedy, he's become a daily reminder of the joy Da'Mon brought to their lives.

“Wherever he go, he going to brighten up the room," said Marsha.

“Da’mon was a joy. He was a thrill, and Da’mon loved everybody...That was my poo poo. I called him my poo poo. That was my baby," said Brenda, tugging at the necklace that bears her grandson's face.

“It’s just hard. And it’s too soon," said his mother.

“The killings, the violence, the stealing, all that stuff needs to stop. It needs to stop," said his grandmother.

“I just have to keep him close to me. But I’m not going to let anything affect me, let anyone get to me...because I got somebody upstairs that got me," said Marsha, wearing a shirt she made with her son's picture, so that he could remain close on his birthday.

Da'Mon leaves behind four kids, ages 13, 6, 5, and 6 months.

ABC 57's Jess Arnold also spoke with the wife of the other young man who was killed in the shooting, Anton James, Jr. Click here for that story.

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