Motorcycle experts speak out after crashes, death

NOW: Motorcycle experts speak out after crashes, death


MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- When combining a passion like motorcycle riding with summer weather and the state reopening during the pandemic, one motorcycle dealership said it all makes for a lot more riders on these roads. And with that, dangerous crashes have occurred.

Since Wednesday, there have been at least three crashes involving a motorcycle at three different times of day: two in Mishawaka, one in Cass County, Michigan.

And since the pandemic, both scooter and motorcycle sales and services have been zooming on.

Action Cycle’s owner Laura Reynolds knows the motorcycling scene about as well as anyone.

She also knows its dangers, and personally knew the victim of Thursday night’s fatal crash on Jefferson Boulevard in Mishawaka.

“Literally, I just did a tire for his bike. He was just in here like three days ago,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds points to negligence as the all too common factor for car drivers like the one from Thursday, who has since arrested by Mishawaka PD on suspicion of DWI.

“I can’t stand to see all these people dying,” Reynolds said.
“Like I said, people need to be more aware of the bikers out there, you know? You’ve just got to pay more attention to the two wheels that are out there.”

For riders themselves, there are safety courses and groups like ABATE Indiana.

Jim Morrison runs its St. Joseph County chapter and agrees it’s not just a rider’ responsibility to be conscious on the road.

“People aren’t looking twice,” Morrison said.

“It’s a common thing. Most of the bikers out there right now, we are in an intersection and we are leaving. You don’t see us jump on the gas right away to take out. (We’ve) got a three second rule, even five seconds. Count that. ‘1000, 2000, 3000,’ before you take off at that green light.”

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