Motorcycle ride and fundraiser held for fallen firefighter

NEW CARLISLE, Ind.-- A motorcycle ride was held on Saturday to honor Assistant Fire Chief Jamie Middlebrook.

The Unforgotten Souls motorcycle group raised over $2,000 for the fallen firefighter's family.

Mike Tuszynski said it's inspiring to see the community rally behind the New Carlisle Fire Department during this difficult time.

Tuszynski said, “This all is unfortunately part of the grieving process but at least they know that they’re loved, but more importantly, that Jamie was loved and respected as a man and as a firefighter.”

The motorcycle run started at the fairgrounds in LaPorte and riders dropped off roses as they passed the fire department.

One of the organizer's said this is the least their group can do for the Middlebrook family.

Ron Brehmer said, “It’s a huge devastating loss for them and that’s the whole reason why we are doing this is to give them something where they can walk away with the feeling of being loved, and hopefully smile a little bit in a time when that’s what they need.”

Hundreds of people showed up to Jamie Middlebrook's memorial and watched as the procession went by.

Tuszynski, said, “We'll get through this I have no doubt. It will change all of us, it will change our department, it changes a community but with the help we are getting it makes it possible anyway."

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