Multi-million dollar expansion underway at Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- A $4.6 million expansion project is underway at the Boys and Girls Club of Middlebury. 

The organization says its current building is bursting at the seams. 

When it opened in 2007, 125 kids attended the Boys and Girls Club. More than 10 years later, the organization serves 300 kids each day. 

“With it being 300 kids that we serve a day, even over that, they are just so crowded and compacted in there and that causes us to have more behavior issues,” said Boys and Girls Club of Middlebury Area Director Natasha Lantz. “They just need more room to breathe and to participate in our quality programming.” 

The club says the added space will help them help more kids. 

Construction started earlier this month. Lantz estimates it will wrap up by June 2020. 

“We want to make sure we’re protecting them and helping them to grow to have a great future,” said Lantz. 

Improvements include an expanded technology center, a new kitchen and dining area, age-specific recreation rooms, enhanced security, and a STEAM education area. 

The club will also be able to add new programs like cooking classes. 

“It’s going to help us to better provide great futures for the kids because we’re able to provide more programming and also make our buildings safer for the kids,” said Lantz. 

Rhonda Eicher, the club’s program manager, says kids are excited about the new facility. She believes it will help their overall development. 

“The kids are very excited for the new rennovations,” said Eicher. “They have all these ideas that they are bringing to us. With the new programs that we will be adding, it will definitely help with workforce development and including life skills.”

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