Multiple St. Joseph Police Officers quarantined in Michiana as a precaution

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – After making an arrest on March 23, the St. Joseph County Police Department was made aware the suspect had symptoms associated with COVID-19, the most obvious being a fever. The Police Department has been checking everyone’s temperature and asking them about their health for about two weeks.

Three county police patrol officers have been quarantined despite showing no symptoms and not having been recommended to take a test.

That decision was made after reviewing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and speaking with the department’s medical staff.

South Bend Police Officers were also involved in the arrest and the SBPD were notified of the suspect’s possible health condition. According to officials, they will most likely isolate at least one Officer.

Additionally, five county police detectives and a county police task force officer were sent home for self-isolation just to be careful, as they had searched the suspect’s home on March 25.

The suspect’s family has been notified of their potential exposure.

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