Multiple rounds of showers and storms still ahead

NOW: Multiple rounds of showers and storms still ahead



Saturday, May 25th, 2019

The pattern will remain active thru next Thursday with multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms. With patterns like these, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact times with the best chance for rain. As it looks now, though, the best chances of rain and storms will be the first half of Sunday, Monday evening and night, Tuesday evening and night, and Wednesday. It won’t rain the entire time during those periods, but those windows are when the highest chance (~50%) of rain and storms exist.

It will remain warm and humid through Wednesday before cooler air arrives by Thursday. We may not get above 73-75° after Wednesday with overnight lows down in the 50s.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers/storms after 4 a.m.. Low of 63.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with showers and perhaps a storm thru midday. High of 72.

Memorial Day: Increasing clouds and a chance of late showers & storms. High of 78.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of late thunderstorms. Highs near 80.

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