NAACP wants to see more minority owned businesses sprout

The NAACP of South Bend is teaming with other local organizations to give minority owned businesses a much needed boom. 

NAACP officials say the city has the potential for a thriving minority owned business community.

Here's how they plan to take advantage of that. The 100 Black Men organization is teaming up with the local NAACP and SCORE, a career education program at American National University. Their goal is to provide minority entrepreneurs the resources to build their businesses and maintain them. And they say that can lead to an economic explosion. 

"When you start with businesses in a particular community, they will turn around and hire people from their community," said James Summers, vice president of the NAACP. "Now you get the whole economic engine just really fired up."

One local business is already benefiting. 

Wesley Butler's company, Smart Home Security, got a jump from this initiative. He says he wants to see others have the same success. 

"I think there are a lot of people that are trying to build something special in this area and want to give back to the community," said Wesley Butler. "We just need to stay involved."

You can find out more about SCORE here. 

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