Nappanee residents help construct downtown pavilion

Residents of Nappanee came together to help create downtown’s latest staple and the mayor says the extra help saved the city money in this major construction project.

The corner of Clark and Market was a work in progress Saturday.

“We just wanted to continue to enhance our downtown,” said Mayor Larry Thompson.

The corner was filled with construction vehicles and crews working to build a new venue for the city's major attractions.

“[It can host] 'Second Saturdays,' any special events, music, whatever it might be, car shows just whatever you can imagine,” said Mayor Thompson.

More than 50 people were hard at work but quite a few of them don’t come from a construction background.

“This is the biggest job that I’ve ever done in construction,” said volunteer Erin Hubbard.

Many were just neighbors in Nappanee and under experienced supervision, they helped build a new a pavilion for the city.

“It’s a nice, beautiful structure, you’re protected from the rain, it’ll just be really cool,” said volunteer Donna Persing.

And they built it the old fashioned way.

“It’s kind of an old fashioned barn building,” said Mayor Thompson. "They’re just doing a tremendous job and we’re getting a lot of work done for a one day build.”

A one day build that represents this town’s solidarity.

“Everybody knows everybody and we come together when things get rough and tough," said Hubbard.

And these tough residents make up the foundation for a happy community.

“This is their way of giving back and we just think Nappanee is a great place,” said Mayor Thompson.

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