National anthem debate over at Goshen College

The national anthem debate appears to be over at Goshen College.

Starting this fall, “America the Beautiful” will replace the “Star Spangled Banner” before sporting events.

The college decided to make the switch in June, after students and alumni complained about the references of war in the National Anthem.

The president of Goshen College says, “America the Beautiful’ respects different views and still honors our country.”

Many of you weighed in on the National Anthem debate, on our ABC 57 Facebook page.

Cheryl wrote, “If it weren’t for those violent war references we wouldn’t be ‘America the Beautiful’ why do people have to mess with tradition?”

Joan said, “Many national anthems refer to war, but I do feel that ‘America the Beautiful’ is a much prettier song and portrays the U.S. in a better light.”

Michelle wrote, “I think that it’s completely stupid, too many people are worried about being ‘politically correct.’ If you don’t like your nation’s National Anthem, move to another country.”


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