NDWBB donating water to Flint

The Notre Dame women’s basketball team is giving back to the regional community by loading bottled water destined for Flint.

In January, head coach Muffet McGraw, her staff, and director of athletics donated $2,000 to the Flint Water Project.

Fans were asked to make contributions of money or water, and for the past few weeks, donations have piled up. 

“I think its good for them to learn to have a social conscience,” said McGraw.  “We’ve been given so much here at Notre Dame.  It’s great for them to be able to give things back to the community and when they saw what was going on in Flint, they were really excited about doing something for them.”

The donations will be delivered to Flint’s Catholic charities, Center for Hope, and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

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