Nedderman's credits success to Elkhart County Fair

For 15 years, Nedderman’s has been the place to be for steak lovers at the Elkhart County Fair.

Their business model is a simple one: Hard work with a family touch.

“My sister is back there in the corner, two of my cousins work here, so it’s definitely family run,” says Autumn Nedderman, Nedderman’s manager.

True to their family roots, Nedderman's doesn’t forget where they came from.

“The fairs are what started the business. The fair is it for us. Without it, this place wouldn’t be successful for sure,” says Nedderman.

Nedderman’s started as a small concession stand at local fairs over 20 years ago before opening their first drive-thru restaurant in 2011. It's located on Grape Road in Mishawaka.

“It’s a great thing. We found out and we came to see, to have it, it’s one of those mouth watering meals,” says George Fotopoulus, a regular customer at Nedderman’s.

Fotopoulus is referring to Nedderman’s famous sirloin tips that are either served as a sandwich or part of an entrée.

He isn’t the only one happy that Nedderman’s made the decision to open year round.

 “I’d say 75-85 percent of our customers have had our food at the Elkhart County Fair,” says Nedderman.

And that number will likely to continue to grow as Nedderman’s has already settled down at the Elkhart County Fair for another year.

 “We will not serve bad products. It will not go out this window. A Nedderman touches almost every single dinner that goes out this window,” says Nedderman. 

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