Neighbor rescues packages from alleged porch pirate

NOW: Neighbor rescues packages from alleged porch pirate

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A Mishawaka man stopped someone trying to steal packages from a neighbor. Jeremy Owens chased down and tackled the suspect, 18 year old Gage Condon, and held him there until police arrived.

Owens says he was getting ready for work when he heard an exchange between a mail carrier and Condon. When Condon took off running with packages from a neighbor’s house, Owens got into his truck, and pursued Condon.

“I guess it’s being in a situation that you just don’t really think about what you’re doing you just act,” said Owens.

Eventually Owens cornered Condon, got out of his truck, and pinned Condon to the ground until Mishawaka Police arrived on the scene.

Inside of the packages stolen were supplements the victim ordered. “It was a win-win either way,” said Owens. “There could’ve been narcotics that were out on the street.”

Condon was booked in the St. Joseph’s county bail and released on bond. He is due back in court on December, 20th.

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