Neighborhood group continues to raise awareness for lead poisoning

The danger of lead poisoning is still top priority for one neighborhood group.

Wednesday, the Near Northwest Neighborhood Association followed through with its promise to keep South Bend residents safe.

The group handed out empty water bottles at Holy Cross School in the hopes of quelling concerns.

“Our neighbors are going to return it to the NNN or you can call the water department and they will pick it up and in a week or two they’ll tell you what level of lead if any is in your water,” said Andre Stoner, neighborhood networker for the Near Northwest Neighborhood Association (NNN).

Wednesday, they focused on water testing but the lead problem in South Bend primarily exists in old paint.

“But to assure us, and to assure neighbors, we’re saying ‘hey get your water tested, let’s find out.’” Said Stoner.

The county’s board of health made it clear; this is a very serious issue.

But getting folks to attend one of its meetings has been tough.

So the NNN is helping by offering its neighborhood meetups as a platform to raise awareness.

Wednesday, the group offered water testing at its chili supper event.

“They’ve been very active about it, we’ve had a lot of information giving to us about the lead problems, all of us live in older homes so of course we all have lead paint in our homes,” said neighbor Peggy Hruska.

This cookout was just one of many providing resources and information so neighbors could have peace of mind over a bowl of chili.

“I just want to make sure that it’s safe, that it’s not going to cause them any harm or get them sick,” said neighbor Sharon Smith-Davis. 

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