Neighbors feel growing pains as Eddy Street Commons expands

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As Eddy Street Commons in South Bend continues to expand, the area around it is feeling growing pains. Many people living near the budding hot spot are now worried about the crowds and how the limited parking is affecting them. 

Johnnie Johnson has lived in his house off of Eddy Street for 26 years and has always loved living so close to University of Notre Dame, which is why he was happy to welcome the Eddy Street Commons to the neighborhood.
"I mean, I love being down here in the center of everything," says Johnson.
Since the area was developed, new businesses have brought in more people each day and with that more cars.  
"I welcome the activity. I like the activity, but I don't like that I am being inconvenienced because others are being inconsiderate," says Johnson.
There is a huge, brand new parking structure just feet away, but many continue to park along the street instead, where there are only a few parking spots.
"It's very frustrating. You come out and your entire driveway is blocked or there's parking on both side so you can barely get out," says Johnson.
Johnson says he has to wait hours for police to tow away those cars and says it gets worse on the weekends when there are crowds of people at hot spots like Brother's Bar and Grill.
"I know the city has laws and all, but I am not a big fan, especially during game days. I have come down here and there has been no parking and I've had to drive around for 20 or 30 minutes," says Don Vogel.
Vogel says he tries to park in the parking garage when he can, but says it gets full quickly. Vogel says that is one reason people are parking along the street.
It took close to three months for Johnson to get the City of South Bend to put up the signs and now he hopes the city will do what it can to enforce it.

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