Neighbors say South Bend homicide victim was a quiet man

A quiet man that kept to himself.

That’s how neighbors, Monday, remembered 62-year-old Ronald Basca.

“He was a nice guy. He didn’t bother anybody. He kept to himself. He was a good guy. He was,” said one South Bend neighbor, which wanted to remain anonymous.

Metro Homicide believes Basca was killed by 38-year-old Joshua Walker Monday morning.

Basca and Walker were roommates, but neighbors say they had a rocky relationship, often raising voices at each other across the street.

But the neighbor we spoke to, remembers Basca as a quiet man that generally kept to himself, despite having a mental disability.

She says Basca will be missed.

“It shouldn’t be like this. It should be safety for everybody,” said the neighbor.

Walker, was booked Monday, into the St. Joseph County Jail on murder charges but has not been formally charged.

An autopsy will be held in Kalamazoo on Tuesday.

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