Neighbors share thoughts on impeachment trial

NOW: Neighbors share thoughts on impeachment trial

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- So far many people throughout South Bend have been steadfast in their feelings for or against President Donald Trump—but the impeachment process and the trial starting today is still kind of confusing to them.

Many are still trying to understand the process itself, some said they think it is a publicity hoax, and others were shocked that things have gotten this far.

Neighbors and residents throughout Michiana weighed in and shared their feelings the impeachment trial so far.

Neighbor Scott Thompson says, “It feels a little bit diversionary maybe. Like an exciting legal tactic,” and, “I don’t know if it’s got a solid foundation behind it or if it’s groundless or if it’s something to distract from the real issue.”

Another resident, Anthony Runnels says, “President Trump’s legal team keeps saying that he’s broken no laws and that’s not actually I guess the issue. The issue is that did he or did he not take advantage of his power? And I believe he did.”

Garrett Haddix however, offered another opinion saying, “In my opinion I think they have a vendetta against him personally or I don’t know why. I don’t believe this whole situation should be happening to begin with” and, “I believe he’s our president and people should have a little bit more respect for our president. It doesn’t matter who he is. I feel like everybody needs to grow up a little bit.”

Mary Lippert strongly says, “I never really like Donald Trump from the beginning. Taking his presidency and making it so that it makes him in a better light to win votes for the next term? I don’t like that.”

And Don Birch of South Bend was frustrated and said, “Ugh honestly. I kind of want him to hurry up and get impeached. With everything he’s done it’s kind of been a hot mess for the past 4 years. So the sooner he gets out the better so that way we can all move on and have less of a mess.”

And while there are a lot of thoughts and feelings already the trial is not over yet.

So stick with ABC57 on air and online as we continue to give up to the minute updates on the impeachment trial.

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