New businesses popping up in Bridgman

Bridgman is getting a makeover as new businesses open up shop. MTM Group, LLC is renovating the Monogram Centre so that two buildings can be used for retail and condominium space.

Chris Mason and his father are investing in the two parcels of land at the corner of Lake Street and Red Arrow Highway in hopes of bringing more people into town.

Mason said, “Since the beginning of the year, Bridgman has gone through a huge transition with the acquisition of Juan Guanum, the new City Manager. He's got a very progressive take on helping small businesses and helping the small Bridgman community grow.”

The owner of The Sandpiper in downtown Bridgman said she has been open for 6 years and she hopes this development will bring more business to Lake Street.

Suzy Barnes said, “We have hand-made locally crafted exceptional gifts and decor, we have our line of clothing called hoof to hangar which stems mostly from knitters that knit just for us and a lot of it is from animal fibers that are local in Berrien County.”

Barnes said a new coffee shop and restaurant are opening in the next couple of weeks nearby as well.

Barnes said, “We have Haymarket Brewery coming to the other side of Red Arrow Highway. They'll be opening this fall, so I think there's so much coming so quickly, it's hard for people to even wrap their hands around what's actually happening!”

Chris Mason had renderings of what the MTM group believes would look great in the space.

Mason said, “On the corner over my shoulder here we envision a coffee wine bar bistro with a patio, turning that empty gap into something a little bit more eclectic and fun to visit!”

Mason said they are accepting applications from businesses that are interested in the spot.

Mason said, “Above that, it used to be the Monogram Hotel which is where we got the monogram center. There's going to be seven AIRBNB extended stay rentals kind of targeting the golfers, the wine tourists, as well as the AEP contractors that come in town and enjoy that space.”

If you are an interested business you can reach out to MTM at 269-930-0380.
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