New commercial property coming to Granger

NOW: New commercial property coming to Granger

GRANGER, Ind. – The Mirador at 23 is a new commercial property being developed in Granger.

The property will host retail both retail and medical spaces.

In addition to the Mirdaor, new apartment buildings are either under construction or have opened in the last few years which shows how much growth the area has seen recently.

According to the website Niche, Granger is one of the best places to live in Indiana which has only served to garner national attention.

People living in the area say these new projects make the area even more attractive to potential residents.

“It’s probably a good thing, more businesses and more jobs, and more people coming in and I think it’ll just make it more fun,” Granger resident Anna Corbett said.

“Just having more affordability and growth, it will help the community just grow bigger and thrive,” Jessica McCarthy said, who is also a Granger resident.

The Mirador at 23 is set to open in the summer of 2020.

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