New details in New Carlisle development project

NOW: New details in New Carlisle development project

“Trying to look at what the whole northwest corridor looks like in 30 years is our visioning window,” said Bill Schalliol, Executive Director of Saint Joseph County Economic Development.

Time is ticking for the St. Joseph County Economic Development team and their master plan to redevelop the northwestern area of the county.

“6 months to get all the information gathered and a report assembled,” said Schalliol.

Since August, some of plans have shifted.

“As we’ve started going through this process and meeting with the railroads, it really is becoming a short-line railroad situation. That is one of the projects you’ll see right out of the gate next year,” said Schalliol.

And others are just coming to light. Bill Schalliol, Executive Director of the Economic Development team says they’ve been hand-selecting different company prospects to sit in on their plans.

“I will tell you that since we started this process within the last couple of weeks we have four prospects we’re working with right now,” said Schalliol

“Are we allowed to know who these new prospects are,” asked ABC57’s Andrea Alvarez.

“Still.. still a little early,” said Schalliol.

One thing we do know…

“What could happen with South Shore passenger service to the area,” said Schalliol.

We could see part of the south short line project intertwine with this development project.

“There are opportunities to maybe have a stop out in this area,” said Schalliol.

But with every idea that pops up, more land becomes part of that equation.

“Our goal is by spring of next year to really be out in a position where we’re taking property and we’re changing it into a condition so that we can start to see some new development,” said Schalliol.

And several people could be impacted.

“There are going to be some property owners that may have some of their land acquired, and that in some cases creates some hardships but at the end of the day through economics usually those hardships can be resolved,” said Schalliol.

Schalliol says he expects an announcement right after the New Year and that’s when we’ll begin seeing a lot of construction here in the area.

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