New digital arts studio becomes reality at Mishawaka High School

Thanks to a $118,000 grant, the dream of a new digital art studio is turning in to  a reality.

MEF Digital Art Studio will provide new innovations and technologies to help Mishawaka High School students achieve at the highest level.

Thanks to a large grant, art students at the high school will finally get the necessary tools to make their already award-winning program, better.

Eric Johnson is the Director of Technology at the School City of Mishawaka.

“It puts digital and modern art techniques at their fingertips. So they can explore things like animation and melding of traditional right there in the classroom,” said Johnson.

Each of the 28 workstations will have 27 inch loaded iMacs, complete with a digital art tablet and combo easel / work desk.

“This might be the space but we are exploring other locations in the school that might be ideal for what we might want to put in place at the high school,” said Johnson.

They hope to have the MEF Digital Art Studio in place by fall of 2017.

A ceremonial passing of the check will take place Tuesday, October 25 at the school board meeting at Emmons Gym.

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